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Why DERMMineral?

DERMMineral is only sold in Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeon, and physicians offices as well as med-spas. Your doctor or medical professional knows you need a line of cosmetics and skin care that is healthy as well as high fashion..

DERMMineral cosmetics contains no bismuth, a mineral which can cause irritation.

We NEVER formulate with Bismuth. Click HERE to see why.

DERMMineral is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. DERMMineral has no plant extracts which can cause allergic reactions. It is fully hypoallergenic makeup. DERMMineral's works well on oily skin or dry, even with fine lines and crows feet. You won't find that with other brands. We also have a special oily skin primer.

Beautiful skin

DERMMineral does contain zinc oxide, a superior sunscreen and anti-inflammatory with powerful healing properties, to protect and calm the skin.

DERMMineral does contain titanium dioxide, another superior sunscreen and anti-inflammatory that completely reflects away the suns rays and gives great coverage.

DERMMineral formulates with the healthy amino acid L-lysine, which encourages collagen production giving it an anti-aging quality, and making it the silkiest feeling available.

DERMMineral's nano particles are a safe size.

DERMMineral colors are nature's pure colors. DERMMineral is made in Maine, where the air is clean, the water clear, and the Earth still as nature intended.

DERMMineral is sold in physicians offices because of their strict standards for purity and hypoallergenic concerns, or from Dermmineral itself.

These qualities make DERMMineral the perfect choice for persons with acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea, aging skin or a history of skin cancer, as well as those looking for a healthy makeup that covers perfectly and won't irritate the skin, and vitamin, mineral and peptide based skin care.


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